About us

Who are we!

Welcome to the world of Sukoon... where knowledge resides... where innovation reaps the fruits of agriculture and where agriculture flourishes and civilization blossoms!

With great passion, ambition, and determination to achieve leadership, we were determined to reach the furthest heights of uniqueness. In 2022, Sukoon was founded with the inspired hands of young dynamic people and a spirit that reflects creativity and enthusiasm and employs the latest technologies to achieve a new level of innovation in the agricultural field, making it more effective and easier.

It also supports the pillars of comprehensive agricultural development in accordance with the foundations of the UAE Vision 2030 and has a social dimension that encourages community members to participate effectively in the agricultural renaissance. At Sukoon, we believe that investing in agriculture paves the way to the future. By caring for the soil and preserving natural resources, we ensure sustainability and prosperity for all.

Thus, we can build a better and more prosperous future. The late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan, God rest his sole in peace said, “Give me agriculture and I will guarantee you civilization.” Wait!! This is not all. Hard work can also be fun, so we combine seriousness and laughter every work day at Sukoon. If you are looking for serenity or a combination of professionalism and fun, then you are in the right place. Join us on our journey to change the world with love.


Sukoon summarizes our vision of creating a balanced, innovative and enjoyable ecosystem with community participation to achieve food security and safety from the ocean to the Gulf.

Our message

At Sukoon, we believe that locally produced organic food and community contribution to agricultural renaissance is the basic foundation for building a healthy, safe and secure society capable of giving without restrictions or limits.

Our mission

At Sukoon, our mission revolves around building a smart and integrated agricultural system. Motivating the societal role by harnessing modern technologies and innovative methodologies to serve the agricultural structure, bring about the desired climate change, and create a healthy, organic food system to reach an integrated and sustainable environmental balance.

Values that Sukoon believes in

  • Social responsibility
  • Innovation and development
  • Total quality
  • Teamwork

Our strategic goals

  • Stimulating community participation in achieving food security by adding an entertainment and community development dimension .
  • Harnessing modern technologies to enhance agricultural and livestock production .
  • Contributing to empowering the agricultural sector and activating its role as a major component of the UAE economy
  • Commitment to superior quality service is our most competitive secret.
  • Attention to detail that turns the customer experience into an exceptional one.
  • We aspire to understand the needs of customers and farmers so that we can design smart agricultural solutions that suit everyone.
  • Nest fruit in finding solutions to market challenges.